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Why women wear skirts in Australia

When a man has been in a relationship for over a year, he’s probably got his eyes on you and your face is the only thing he’s not looking at, but when he’s looking at a woman, his eyes are on the skirt. 

In Australia, he has been wearing skirts since he was 14, but it’s now 18. 

When it comes to women’s apparel, the trend is clear: skirts, pants and blouses. 

“We have this huge gap between what the average Australian woman wears and what she should be wearing,” says Dr Karen Smith, a consultant in family health, health and wellbeing at the University of Sydney. 

Dr Smith says that while the trend may seem obvious, it’s not always so.

“There are a lot of reasons why people do it, but they have to be able to work in a world where it’s so difficult for women to work outside the home and where women often don’t have access to maternity clothes and maternity gear,” she says.

It’s not just a personal choiceWomen in Australia, especially those who work in women’s industries, are often told to put on skirts and dresses in order to impress their boyfriends.

This is often done to look “good”, but for many women, the skirts are simply not enough, says Dr Smith.

While some studies suggest that women in Australia tend to wear their tops short or fitted, the majority of Australian women don’t wear them that way.

Women in the UK and the US, for example, wear tops that are not at all fitted or fitted at all, which means they’re not looking flattering.

Some studies have found that some of the most attractive female celebrities are in fact “feminine-looking” models who wear no tops at all.

In the US alone, there’s a survey that found more than 30% of American women donned skirts when posing for pictures, compared to 15% of women in the US.

One of the reasons why skirts are so prevalent is that they are part of a more traditional style, says Sarah Linn, a clinical psychologist at the Centre for Child Health and Development at the John Curtin University.

There’s an element of glamour and sex appeal to a skirt, and it’s a very feminine style, which is very appealing to women who are trying to attract a boyfriend.

Dr Linn says that although it may seem like the trend for women is slowly catching up to the trend of skirts, she believes that there are still some aspects of the current fashion culture that are still in place.

“The fact that skirts are still so popular in Australia does make me think that this is just the tip of the iceberg,” she said. 

What’s the most important thing you need to know about women’s clothes?

Dr Smith agrees that it’s important to talk to your doctor before deciding what to wear.

For instance, there are also some health issues associated with wearing skirts.

Studies have shown that skirts can cause problems with your menstrual cycle and blood pressure, which can make it harder to conceive.

Another issue is that wearing a skirt in the heat can also make you feel hot and sweaty, which makes it difficult to sweat properly.

Even if you don’t notice the changes, wearing a short skirt or a skirt that’s too short can make you look hot and unattractive, Dr Linn said.

“I think that the main reason that women wear a skirt at this point is because they’re afraid of having the men they are attracted to notice that they’re wearing skirts,” she explained.

You can find out more about women and the environment from the ABC’s Health and Wellbeing podcast.

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