Frankie Clothing GLAMOROUS Why we need to celebrate this week’s fashion trend in the fashion sense

Why we need to celebrate this week’s fashion trend in the fashion sense

This week, fashionistas are going to celebrate one of the most influential and innovative trends of the past decade: the trend for women’s underwear.

It’s a trend that, in a sense, started out in the UK, where it was a staple of mid-century womenswear, but it’s now becoming more mainstream and it’s all the rage in many other countries around the world.

Here are five of the best reasons to celebrate the trend.


The trend is growing in other parts of the world too.

In the US, women’s wearing has been slowly expanding in other regions, including Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

It has been gaining traction in the last few years in other countries, such as Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico, where the trend is gaining traction, as well.

In some of these countries, including Germany, women have been wearing their underwear on the beach.

The British are known for their beach-style bathing suits, and many other people in other places are starting to wear their underwear in public.

It also seems to be catching on in Asia, where many people in China are also embracing the trend as well as the trend of wearing shorts and t-shirts in public spaces.


It helps people avoid awkward situations.

The first time I ever saw a woman wearing underwear, it was in Japan, where there is a big culture of female modesty.

So for many women in Japan and other countries where modesty is a way of life, it’s a way to go about things.

In fact, there are many examples of men in Japan who wear underwear.


It encourages healthy lifestyles.

One of the major advantages of wearing underwear is that it helps people maintain healthy lifestyles, such, for example, as it can reduce stress and improve sleep patterns.

This trend is also important in terms of promoting physical activity and improving diet, and it can also help people feel more active in their everyday lives, as they are able to go to the gym more frequently and to get a proper exercise routine.


It promotes self-esteem.

People who wear their own underwear often talk about how it reminds them of their self-worth, which can be very important in this day and age.

This can also be a benefit in terms on getting over anxiety and fear, and a boost in confidence and self-respect.


It makes you feel good.

The underwear trend has been around for a long time, so it’s hard to see why it’s taken so long for it to catch on in other areas of the globe.

For example, there is also a trend for girls to wear underwear in their underwear at school and on social occasions, and there is even a fashion trend for boys to wear the same underwear as their female counterparts.

In Japan, women wear their undies all the time.

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