Frankie Clothing GLAMOROUS What are women’s sizes?

What are women’s sizes?

Cyberpunk women are no longer the only women’s fashion genre to be hit with an uptick in online harassment, according to new research from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A study of 1.3 million Twitter handles shows that the amount of women’s sizing and weightlifting clothing being shared on Twitter increased by 10 percent between January and March.

The study, published online by the Journal of Social Psychology, also found that the proportion of tweets in which women weighed more than 30 pounds decreased by nearly half between January 2015 and March 2016.

The increase in the number of women who weighed more was particularly noteworthy in the early days of the movement, said lead author Amy Dye, a postdoctoral research associate in the University’s Center for Social Media.

“The initial trend toward women’s weight lifting was really cool, and then the trend exploded,” Dye said.

“But when you look at trends over time, you see women have been trending away from women’s size for a long time,” Dyes said.

“They’re now more interested in men’s size, and I think it’s because of the internet and social media.”

The study found that women were more likely to share sizing photos, videos, and photos of their own size, while men were more inclined to share photos of women with more than two inches of clothing on their bodies.

In general, women’s body sizes increased at a faster rate than men’s sizes, with a 15 percent increase in size in the first year of the study compared to a 17 percent increase for men, according the researchers.

Dye’s team found that weightlifting is often the main source of clothing for women on Twitter, with women often posting photos of themselves with extra clothing.

Women who weigh more than 50 pounds are frequently featured in weightlifting magazines, as are overweight women.

But the researchers said that their study is the first to show that men are increasingly posting photos with excess clothing.

“The increase of women wearing clothing that is too big is really surprising,” said Dye.

“And this is something that happens on Twitter with women, too.”