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Lacoste launches $10,000 women’s line in the US

Lacostel has unveiled a $10 million women’s fashion line in North America.

The Lacostean brand is the second major fashion brand to launch in the region in the past year, following brands such as Prada, Gucci and Calvin Klein.

The new line, dubbed Lacosté in the United States, will feature a range of women’s footwear including a range that will go on sale on March 1.

The line, which includes three sizes of footwear, will also include two women’s coats.

The first Lacostre womens fashion line was launched in 2014, and the brand was founded in 2009 in Switzerland by fashion designer and fashion designer Lucie Mater.

The brand is currently in a partnership with the New York-based fashion house Calvin Klein, and Lacostè is expected to launch a second line of women-specific footwear in the coming months.