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Women’s Fashion: An Egyptian Women’s Magazine

A free Egyptian women’s magazine is coming to America soon.

In January, the Women’s World News, the Egyptian edition of the magazine, will open in New York City’s Times Square.

Its first issue will include an article on fashion and fashion accessories, which includes a look at women’s personal style and fashion history.

The magazine’s new title is Women’s Clothing: An Egyptan Perspective.

The article describes the Egyptian women as “the only women who have always been able to look their best in their outfits, to have their faces seen, to wear their hair in its natural form, to show their hair to anyone they see and, most importantly, to make their voices heard.”

Egyptian women, like women in many countries, have historically been underrepresented in fashion and art.

The International Women’s Forum estimates that around 50 percent of women in the world do not own a fashion label.

As the New York Times reported in January, “Women are the most underrepresented artists, with a much smaller share of the art market than men.”

As women continue to become more empowered, the magazine hopes to “explore the stories of the women of Egypt and the world who have shaped the future of fashion and women’s fashion.”

The first issue is available for preorder here.