Frankie Clothing BLOG Why Women Are Failing To Choose Women’s Clothing

Why Women Are Failing To Choose Women’s Clothing

Failing to choose women’s apparel is one of the major problems that women have when it comes to shopping.

It is a huge reason why we don’t see as much of a rise in the popularity of women’s fashion over the last few years. 

The women’s clothes industry has been booming over the past few years thanks to the rise of ecommerce sites like and eBay, which have been the biggest players in women’s casual clothing. 

But now, women are finding themselves at a disadvantage when it come to buying men’s and women’s women’s brands. 

In fact, there are some trends that are going to make the men’s clothing industry look like the men in the 1950s. 

I think there’s going to be an uptick in men’s fashion and I think that will make it a little harder for women to buy it, Marketer Dan Stapleton, who has been leading ecommerce for brands including Gap, says. 

“I think we’re going to see a bigger uptick in the men, because men will have to make do with what’s available and it will be a little more expensive,” Stapney says.

I think the trend of women buying mens apparel is going to have a little bit more of an impact, but the women’s will be able to buy whatever they want. 

If you’re a woman who is trying to get into men’s apparel, I think you’re going a little over the top.

I think it’s going be more of a niche market than the women, so I think the women are going be able buy what they want and I don’t think you’ll see an increase in the sales of men’s or women’s products, Stapney adds. 

There is a certain amount of money being made for brands, but it is hard to make a profit in the business of selling clothing to women. 

While women are making more money for clothing than men, the money is being split among the two genders. 


Com CEO Jeff Bader said he believes the biggest reason women are unable to buy the men is because the women don’t trust the men to pick up the bills. 

Men’s brands also aren’t making as much money for men, as there are fewer opportunities to make money off men’s brands, according to Stapstone. 

He points out that there are men’s designers who do make money from their clothing designs, but those designers have to sell more of the merchandise in order to make that money. 

That means women are more likely to get bored with their clothes and decide to wear something else. 

Strap on your men’s shoes and take a look at what’s on sale. 

With more brands going under the radar, brands have been forced to keep the brand identity alive and new brands have to reinvent themselves to appeal to women’s tastes. 

It is a little tough for brands to sell their products to women because they’re just not seen as as a part of the women market, but that is changing. 

Dana Dennison, co-owner of Strap on Your Shoes, says that it is becoming easier to find men’s products that appeal to a woman’s taste. 

As a women’s business, we’re not in a position to dictate what women want, and so when brands are starting to start to go under the brand umbrella, they are starting off with a much stronger base of male and female buyers, and I feel like women are getting a lot more comfortable buying from brands that do have a strong brand identity, Denninson says.