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Why I don’t wear a hijab

When I was little, I would wear my mother’s hijab.

Now I am no longer allowed to wear it.

I wear it when I want to, I wear what I want, I have no need to hide it.

For me, the hijab has been a constant reminder that I am not just a Muslim girl, but an Irish woman.

I feel like it’s part of me.

As a woman of colour, the fact that I don the hijab makes me feel like I have to prove that I belong to the group, too.

And that I do.

It is a sign that I can be a Muslim woman, and a person of colour.

For many women of colour the hijab is a symbol of exclusion.

Many of the people I meet who wear the hijab have experienced marginalisation in their communities.

They feel they have to hide their identities because they don’t fit in.

They are often forced to wear the veil in order to work in a Muslim-majority country or in a public place.

They have had their jobs threatened or their health or their lives threatened, and they have felt their safety threatened in the process.

A hijab can be the way of life for a Muslim women in Ireland, but it’s a reminder that we are all Muslim women, that we have different ways of looking at the world.

In a world that often seems to focus on the ways we look, the way we act, and the way that we talk about gender, religion and race, it can be hard to feel confident in how we speak about our identities and what our religion means to us.

I’ve experienced the fear of people judging my hijab by those who don’t understand it, when people have a very different understanding of my religion.

I know I don´t wear the same hijab as my mother, but when I wear the full hijab, I feel more confident and more accepted by my friends and family.

In the end, I believe it´s my religion and my identity that makes me different.

I believe that the hijab should be a sign of my acceptance and my freedom to express myself.

The full hijab is an act of freedom and I don`t want to be judged for wearing a hijab that doesn´t conform to my culture and my faith.

I want a woman to feel free to wear a full hijab in public, in public places, and on TV and in the media.

I hope that this piece of clothing will show other women that their freedom to wear what they want is a right.

It shows other women in the Muslim community that their faith and their belief is not the reason for how they dress.

It means they don´ t have to follow the norms of the Muslim world to be considered normal and beautiful.

It also shows other Muslim women that the best way to be accepted is to be who you want to see yourself as, regardless of the colour of your skin.

I am proud to wear my hijab.