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What women want in their clothes

Hard, feminine clothes are in high demand across the world.

But some women aren’t as willing to wear them as they used to be, and that’s why some designers are trying to make their wares more “soft” to attract them to a wider audience.

“If you can’t get a really cool dress, it’s probably not going to be that appealing to a guy,” says Stephanie Henson, an international designer who has worked with the likes of Gucci and Burberry.

“We’ve got to take a look at the way we present them to the market, and we’ve got a long way to go.”

Here are five fashion trends to watch.

#3 Soft, feminine clothing with a lot of detail is the new fashion for women in Egypt, a country of 4.5 million people.

Henson and her team at Egyptian Designer have been creating and selling “soft, feminine” clothing for about a decade, and now they’re releasing a collection of clothes that will likely be a hit with women from all over the world, including Australia, the U.K., Canada, Mexico, South Africa and the U