Frankie Clothing BLOG How to Get Your Rockstar Clothing Made in New Zealand

How to Get Your Rockstar Clothing Made in New Zealand

New Zealanders have a reputation for being pretty fashion-forward, and Rockstar has been doing a great job of selling Rockstar womenswear.

And now Rockstar is partnering with women’s fashion brand, 1800 Women’s Clothing, to sell its women’s collection in the country.

Rockstar announced the partnership on Twitter, saying it would start selling 1800 Womens Clothing womens clothing in New Zeland, a country which is not on the Rockstar app.

Rockstars womens womens fashion collection is now available in New #1800womensclothingstores.

#Rockstar #RockstarswomensClothing #1800clothing — Rockstar (@Rockstar) February 11, 2019 Rockstar says 1800 Women, which is based in the United Kingdom, will offer a range of womens clothes for women aged 18 to 35.

1800 Women will offer its collection in womens and men’s styles, and the womens collections will feature a range a silhouettes and silhouettes, a collection of accessories, and womens essentials.

The womens collection will feature two colors: red and yellow.

1800 is also making womens dresses, skirts, skirts with a bow, and women’s shoes.

1800 will also sell womens swimwear.

1800’s womens apparel will be available for $80, and $90 for men.

The women’s clothes range will start at $110 for women and $130 for men, and will run through to $180 for women’s footwear and shoes.

RockStar says 1800 will be the first women’s retailer in the world.

1800 has already started selling womens lingerie, and is already selling womans jewelry.

1800, which will be located at The Oval in Auckland, will also be selling women footwear.

1800 says it will sell womans clothing online, in stores, and on-line, and says it plans to make it easier for customers to purchase womens items.

Rock Star says the partnership will also include a special women’s edition of its game Rockstar Social Club.

The game, which launched last year, will be on sale in New Zeeland starting on Friday.

The company says it is also working with 1800 to expand the number of women who can be a part of its women-only social events.