Frankie Clothing GLAMOROUS Airtel’s new mobile app will be available to women, too

Airtel’s new mobile app will be available to women, too

Airtels new mobile application will be made available to all women, the telecom company has said.

The AirtEL mobile app was first announced in July and has since been rolled out in a limited beta version.

In the new app, users can access the latest news, offers and offers notifications to them directly.

In an interview with Quartz, AirtELS founder and CEO Naveen Jindal said that the app will offer women a new way to interact with their personal and professional lives.

“Women are the backbone of our organisation,” he said.

“And for a company that has been the most active in providing free Wi-Fi and offering a digital portal, it is important to be a part of the community.”

He added that the new platform is intended for women to get the best experience out of their lives.

The app is expected to be available in the first half of the year.

Airtela plans to launch a separate service for men later this year.

Airtel has also launched a new product, A2, which will help women find and book their next train.

A2 will allow women to book their train in advance and will offer a range of benefits including discounted fares and discounts on flights, A1 tickets, discounts on restaurants and hotels, and access to the same free WiFi as Airtellans other products.

“For the next couple of years, we will be launching new products for women, and this is what we are doing in the mobile app,” Jindal said.

“We want to give women more control over their journey, but at the same time, we want to offer our customers the best experiences possible.”