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Why you should wear the best women’s clothes, says US ambassador

NEW YORK (Reuters) – American women’s fashion is becoming increasingly fashion-forward, and that’s thanks to more women gaining the ability to exercise, according to the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

In a wide-ranging interview with Reuters on Friday, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power said the global trends of fashion and style are driven by a changing gender balance in the world, and her own personal experience of being a female athlete.

Power, who has been the U:S.

Ambassador to the UN since 2015, said she had a hard time seeing women’s success as a direct result of women not wearing the clothes that best fit their bodies.

She said she sees it in women’s looks, in their personalities, in how they dress, and in how much they lift, or how they walk, or what kind of makeup they wear.

Power said she doesn’t wear a gym uniform, but she does wear workout clothes.

Power said that the changing gender landscape, and the fact that women are doing better in certain professions, are also contributing to a more diverse style and a more open-minded and accepting fashion.

The world has been moving in a direction that is much more open and accepting than ever before, she said.

I see the power in our women’s liberation movement, in the fact we have more opportunities for women to wear clothes that are really fit for their bodies and not necessarily the clothes they feel like they can afford.

Power’s comments come as the U.:S.

has been under criticism for not being inclusive enough of women in the fashion industry, and for failing to adequately address issues of gender and class inequality.

Power was speaking at the UN General Assembly on the global trend of fashion, in a wide ranging interview.

She also was addressing the U.(U)Women’s Liberation Movement, an international movement dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment.

Power told Reuters that she believes there is a strong connection between fashion and empowerment, and she sees a lot of that power in fashion.

“I see it in the way that fashion has been a catalyst for a much more equal society, a much better world, a better world in which women are more empowered and more respected,” Power said.

“Women are really, really empowered, and I think we have a lot to celebrate and I see a lot more women wearing a lot less, not having the kinds of clothes that fit their body and their personality, and really being more in touch with themselves.”

Power said she wants the U., as an institution, to focus on creating more opportunities and more opportunities to empower women and girls, and to take a more holistic approach to the issues facing women and women of color.

The United States is the only industrialized country that does not require a female on-site physician, for example, she added.

Power added that there is great progress being made, but said the world is still in a transition.

“We are in the process of creating a new, more inclusive world,” she said, adding that she hopes the U will be a catalyst and catalyst for women and gender minorities everywhere.

Power is the first female to lead the U(U) from the position of Ambassador to her second term in January 2021.