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Jockey: Women’s cycling will never be as ‘prestigious’ as men’s

The men’s race is back in the headlines again, this time on a different level.

The men and women’s races are back in a similar form but with a different outcome.

The women’s race has been a popular event for the past two decades, but it has never been as big as the men’s.

Women have won more than 100 medals in the women’s world championships each of the past three decades.

The women’s 100m freestyle gold medal in London in 2012 was the first time the men had won gold in that event.

Women’s cycling is still one of the most lucrative sports in the world.

The World Health Organization expects women to earn $1.4 billion more per year than men in the global race, although the men earn $2.4 million per year.

Ahead of the race, we asked the leaders of the world’s major cycling teams to weigh in on how women’s cycling can continue to flourish.Read more