Frankie Clothing GLAMOROUS ‘Boris is so boring’: How Iranian women’s fashion has evolved

‘Boris is so boring’: How Iranian women’s fashion has evolved

A new collection of women’s wear has been launched by Iran, in a bid to combat a culture of “boring” fashion that some believe stifles women’s creativity.

In the latest fashion trend, which is being dubbed “the Boris” by Iranian media, the hijab has been transformed into a full-length skirt, while the men’s collection features more formal items.

The hijab is not just for women in Iran, but for women everywhere, the fashion industry’s most popular garment says, adding that the new collections aim to break stereotypes that women wear hijab to cover their faces and not to cover up.

“Iranians have always been known for their fashion, but it is only recently that they have taken up the hijab,” said Sariyad Zaremi, founder of the Tehran-based fashion brand, Bibi.

“They wear it for protection.

And the hijab is just one of the items in this collection.”

The hijab has always been seen as a symbol of freedom and dignity for women and girls, and is worn as a traditional dress by millions of Iranians.

The country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said in 2009 that the hijab was the “most beautiful and powerful garment”, but he said in 2010 that the clothing had been “made to be seen”.

Women wear the hijab as a way of protecting themselves and their faces, which has traditionally been a source of anxiety for many Iranians.

Iran is home to a vast number of women working in the industry, including some who are not allowed to leave the country.

But the country’s conservative Islamic authorities have repeatedly warned against the wearing of the hijab in public.

Some Iranians also have objected to the trend, saying it is an affront to Islam.

The Iranian government has made it illegal to wear a hijab in schools, and some people are being punished for wearing the garment, but some of the latest collections do not include the hijab.

“I want to wear my hijab, but I don’t want to be ashamed,” said Miriam Khedem, a 21-year-old fashion student.

“This hijab has nothing to do with hijab.

It is just a piece of clothing.”

In recent years, Iran has become known for its colourful and colourful costumes, and many of the women who wear the fashion items are often not well-known in the west.

Iranian fashion is one of many sectors that have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as the country has sought to diversify its image.

But while Iran’s traditional Islamic dress is often seen as conservative, the country is increasingly embracing the hijab, and it is also one of few countries in the world to have its own fashion designer, Khedim added.

Iranian women have traditionally been known as “beautiful” and “strong”, and the country was ranked number one in the UN’s human development index in 2011, according to the UN.

But some have criticised the new fashion trend as a distraction from the countrys social problems.

“The trend of hijab in Iranian fashion reflects the changing times of the country and is a sign of the government’s failure to address the economic and social problems of the people,” Khedemi said.

“It’s not just the hijab but all the women in the country, from the educated, the middle-class and the poor, that are being ignored.”