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When a woman is wearing camo pants

The Camo Pants, or Men’s Camo Shirt, is one of those trendy clothing trends that seems to come out of nowhere.

It’s been around since the mid-2000s and was initially created as a response to the spread of the flu, but now is being embraced by a wider range of consumers.

The trend started out with a group of men in South Africa who made a point of wearing shirts that showed off their camo-colored hair and the camo patches on their chests.

The camo shirt has also gained popularity in Europe, where men in some European countries are taking advantage of the trend and sporting camo shirts.

But it’s only now that the trend is starting to spread around the world that it’s really gaining mainstream acceptance.

In New Zealand, it’s becoming increasingly popular with the men’s fashion market and the trend has been seen on the runway in the past few months.

“Camo is now a global phenomenon,” said Matt O’Keefe, marketing director at Camo Jacket, a company that sells camo jackets in New Zealand.

“It’s very popular across Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries, but it’s now spreading across the United States and other parts of the world.”

The camos are not just a New Zealand-only trend, O’Keefe said.

It’s a global trend and there are many other countries where men are wearing them as well.

Camo pants are also seen in Russia and in China.

In the United Arab Emirates, a pair of men were photographed wearing camos in a photograph last month.

A similar trend is being seen in the United Nations, where women’s and girls’ camo tops have become popular in recent years.

It’s not just the camos that are getting in on the trend, however.

Men are also getting into the trend with their camos.

In Australia, a group wearing camoes last month made headlines when they made headlines for wearing a T-shirt with a photograph of the Prime Minister wearing a camo jacket.

Many of the men in the photo wore camo as well, and the photo was shared widely on social media.

This photo of a group in a photo-op camo suit went viral on social networks.

More popular men in Australia are wearing camoSuit, a fashion brand which offers men a range of camo and t-shirt styles.

When it comes to the trend in the U.S., men are also taking advantage with camo shorts.

A pair of Camo Shorts were recently featured in the Style section of the New York Times Magazine.

Women’s camos, meanwhile, have been popular for a while, especially among older women.

A recent study conducted by The Journal of American Medical Association found that women were more likely to use camo when they were older.

While the camozh is definitely trending in the world of fashion right now, it may not be as popular in the US for quite some time.

Despite the trend gaining popularity in other parts in the developed world, it still has a ways to go before it is a widespread trend, according to Matt Ollivander, senior director of communications at Camosuit.