Frankie Clothing GLAMOROUS Gay women’s fashion designer says ‘no’ to ‘no gay’ clothing

Gay women’s fashion designer says ‘no’ to ‘no gay’ clothing

Gay women in Australia may have to make do with “no gay” clothing, but that may not be enough to win back their hearts.

The Wall Street JournoList published an article on Sunday titled “Gay and straight Australian women may have a hard time finding the right clothes for their gayness” that cited studies indicating that many gay men want to wear straight-up conservative clothing.

The article quotes a designer named Michael Pinto, who is gay, as saying he can’t find clothes for his girlfriend in the gay market. 

“I have no problem with people wearing a dress, but I don’t want a dress in a gay market,” he told the Journal. 

Pinto said his own boyfriend doesn’t wear straight suits anymore, but they still have a lot of closet space, so he doesn’t want to go out with a straight guy. 

The designers of the article also cite research showing that straight women are more likely to be overweight than gay women.

The research, they say, suggests that if gay men wear straight clothes, they might not be as attractive as their straight counterparts. 

While the article doesn’t go into detail on the studies, the findings are consistent with a study in Britain that found that straight men are more attractive to women who are gay. 

In the United States, though, there is less research on the relationship between gay men and their straight male counterparts.

A 2014 study found that, while men who are straight or bi are more willing to date and have sex with women who identify as gay, that relationship doesn’t hold true for straight men. 

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