Frankie Clothing GLAMOROUS Boscovs latest line of clothing inspired by the iconic Italian fashion brand is here: boscove’s new line of women’s garments

Boscovs latest line of clothing inspired by the iconic Italian fashion brand is here: boscove’s new line of women’s garments

Boscove is no stranger to fashion, having created an iconic range of jackets, trousers and shoes in the 1970s and 1980s.

Its latest collection, for example, features a full-length, open-toed skirt with a skirt-like back, which is inspired by Italian designer Giuseppe Bocchieri.

The company has also introduced its latest collection of women-inspired garments in 2017, which was inspired by Bocchi’s own signature silhouette.

The collection includes a range of dresses, which feature silhouettes inspired by his signature Italian trousers, while the company’s signature line of lightweight, low-rise denim pants also feature the designer’s signature silhouette and fit.

“The silhouettes are based on Giuseppino Bocci’s classic designs,” says co-founder and creative director Maria Giustina.

“And the pants are inspired by Giusepino’s signature trousers.”

For Giustinias latest collection for women, the line includes a number of new silhouettes.

One, the “S” silhouette, features two sleeves with the same silhouette, while another, the ‘S’ silhouette, has a “V” in the centre, with a horizontal strip of fabric to separate the two sleeves.

The “V-style” has a cutaway at the waistline, which also shows off the silhouette’s unique fabric.

A third, “S-style”, has a shorter sleeve, and a vertical stripe running down the middle of the leg, as well as a single vertical stripe, which wraps around the midsection of the lower leg.

The trousers have an open front with a slim waistband, while a second silhouette, the slim silhouette, is also shown in the showroom, featuring a slim, mid-rise silhouette.

It features an open back with a fitted waist and a waist-to-hip ratio of 3.3.

“This was one of the first time we saw a silhouette with such a strong, unique fit, which appealed to our clientele,” explains Giustini.

“We tried to create a silhouette that would make women feel confident in wearing these clothes.”

One of the most sought-after items in the Boscotos womenswear collection is the Boccetti Gondola, which features a slim cutback with an open rear pocket.

It has a waist and thigh ratio of 1.5, and is made from polyester and leather.

“It’s a very practical piece that women can wear to a restaurant, or a club, or just to work and to do a casual occasion,” says Giustinian.

Boccei’s new range of womenwear also features a new range, inspired by a contemporary Italian designer.

“I’ve been inspired by designer Giorgio Armani’s style and I wanted to bring that style into women’s clothes,” says Bocchini.

“When you wear a women’s suit, you have to choose between formal or casual wear.

And that’s what Giorgio Armanis suits are for.”