Frankie Clothing BLOG How to wear dresses in the summer: a guide to how to wear the latest and greatest

How to wear dresses in the summer: a guide to how to wear the latest and greatest

When it comes to dressing up in summer clothes, there’s nothing like the comfort of a pair of warm, waterproof jeans.

But there’s something about the look of a stylish pair of cotton and polyester dress that feels more like a costume than a garment of daily wear.

Here are our top tips on how to dress up your favourite summer outfits in the most stylish way.


Use the right colour and style for the weather The summer is usually the hottest and driest time of the year, so there’s no need to be out of breath.

But it’s worth remembering that the more colours you choose for your summer dresses, the more flattering they will look.

The perfect summer dress should look like a shimmery sparkly floral print, with a vibrant blue hue and a subtle pink shift.

If you’re wearing a navy blue skirt or dress with a black belt, that’s a great colour choice, too.

It’s important to pick the right colours and styles for your dress for both the warm summer and the cooler months.

For example, a summer dress that’s going to be worn in the tropics might look great with a pink skirt, or a summerdress with a blue belt that’s great for the cool autumn.


Keep it colourful to match your summer colour scheme A bright, colourful summer colour palette can make a big difference to how your summer looks.

Try adding a splash of colour to a bright summer evening dress, or adding some sparkle to a summer cocktail dress.

The key is to make the colours pop, not be too muted.

If it’s going be worn at the beach, you want to keep it simple with a navy-blue blazer or a white blazer, while a light blue dress could be worn with a blazer and a dark blue skirt.


Find a way to make your dress pop with summer accessories You can’t go wrong with an outfit that looks fabulous on a summer day, but it’s also important to find ways to make it look fashionable.

Try something from a new seasonal fashion line or something a bit quirky.

You might even want to experiment with the colours you want for a summer wedding, too: a floral print frock or a vibrant, bright blazer could be a great way to wear a bright, summer-inspired dress.


Add a touch of glamour to your summer ensemble Find out more about the most fun and colourful summer outfits.

Check out our summer dresses guide to find out what’s going on in your favourite colour combos.


Get creative with your summer style with a summer coat and skirt These summer dresses are going to look great on you, so make sure to make them look amazing too.

For a more traditional summer look, opt for a classic white or brown jacket and skirt.

For something bolder, opt to pair it with a crisp grey or white dress.


Keep summer fun for the whole family With summer parties, birthday parties and even weddings, summer is always the perfect time to wear something fun.

But don’t just go for the casual style if you’re a casual dresser.

You can wear a cute summer dress to a formal wedding or a fun summer party.

If the weather’s right, you can even have a fun dress party with your friends.

Try a dress with an intricate pattern, or add some sparkles to a classic summer frock.


Dress up with a new style of summer hat A new summer hat may not seem like much of a change from your usual summer wear, but make sure you keep your style simple.

Just keep your colour palette simple and keep the colour palette neutral.

Look for a bright and cheerful colour for the brim and the back of the head, and a simple, clean, light-coloured hat for the crown.


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Find out how to go from simple summer dress with white or black trousers to a glamorous summer dress or a stylish summer jacket.


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You’ll find fun, quirky and colourful ways to wear your favourite pieces of summer clothing, such as a summer hat, summer gloves or even a simple summer coat.


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You may want to take a summer holiday to enjoy the fresh air, or you might want to opt for something more traditional and go to a warmer spot in the country.

You could even opt for an autumn jacket and jumper, with contrasting colours and patterned prints.

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