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Edith Warren: ‘I don’t feel like I’ve changed a thing’

EDITH WARREN has described her new role as “a bit of a wake-up call”.

Ms Warren is the latest woman to speak out against the sexism she says pervades the fashion industry.

On Thursday, the fashion brand Talbots unveiled a line of clothing that celebrates diversity, including women wearing hats, dresses and skirts, and women with piercings and tattoos.

“I don, honestly, feel like a bit of an anomaly here,” Ms Warren said on her blog.

“For me, as a young designer, I just felt like, ‘I’ve got to find something to wear that doesn’t feel stereotypically white, that feels like I belong in this space’.”

I think that’s what this campaign has really given me: an opportunity to be able to say, ‘no, I don’t believe I am, I am not in this place’.

“Ms Warren’s words have not gone unnoticed.

The fashion industry is reeling from allegations that designers are encouraged to ignore or suppress minority voices.”

The thing that struck me about this campaign is the fact that this campaign actually spoke to a real concern that many women feel that they have and that is that there are certain companies that do not feel comfortable with them, that do think that they can do this to them,” Ms Smith said.”

So it really does mean a lot for me, and a lot of other women, that there is a real desire to speak up about that.

“And that’s a really exciting time in the fashion world right now.”

Ms Warren has a number of other campaign commitments in the pipeline, including a campaign called My Body is My Business that focuses on “what it means to be an American woman”.

The fashion brand also plans to launch a range of clothing inspired by her life story.

She is also planning to travel to Asia, which has been dubbed the “Hangover Capital of the World”, in order to promote the campaign.

The fashion industry has been rocked by a wave of sexual harassment allegations in recent months, including that of Victoria Beckham, the singer and model, who has been accused of groping a producer at the 2015 Oscars.

The company has also been hit with claims of sexism and racism in the media.

Last year, Talbots announced it would stop producing a line with the name “Talbot”, after the word Talbot became associated with sexual violence and racism.