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Australian researchers find no link between breast cancer and exposure to asbestos

ANZAC Day 2017: The best images of Australia’s national holidays source Healthline title Australian scientists find no connection between breast Cancer and exposure, asbestos article The Australian Research Council (ARC) has released results of a major review into the link between asbestos exposure and breast cancer, finding there was no conclusive link between the two.

Key points:The ARC report was published on MondayThe study found there was “no conclusive evidence” to link asbestos exposure to breast cancerIn the US, the government is looking at whether the asbestos ban should be liftedFollowing a review of more than 4,000 research papers and medical journals, the ARC found there is “no definitive evidence” that asbestos exposure increases the risk of breast cancer.

The research has focused on the link to breast cancers caused by asbestos, with the ARC saying it found there “has been no consistent link between carcinogenic exposure and increased breast cancer risk”.

The review concluded there was some “uncertainty” around the relationship between asbestos and breast cancers, and the researchers were “not confident in concluding that asbestos-related cancers are caused by the same cause”.

The research also found that asbestos “may be carcinogenic to humans”, but it did not provide conclusive evidence of that link.

The review looked at studies published between 1974 and 2007.

It found there were 4,534 breast cancer cases and 1,892 breast cancer deaths among Australians, but that only a small number of studies had looked at asbestos exposure.

The findings have prompted the Australian Cancer Council (ACCC) to call on the government to lift the ban on asbestos, which it says has been proven safe.

The Australian Government said it was “reviewing the report”, and the government’s review of asbestos in the US would be published in the next few weeks.

“The scientific evidence is clear that asbestos does not pose a significant health risk to the general public,” a spokeswoman said.

“This review also shows there is a lack of compelling scientific evidence to suggest that asbestos poses a significant risk to people with breast cancer.”

The findings were welcomed by the Australian Medical Association (AMA), which said it would continue to lobby for the ban to be lifted.

“If you have any concerns about your own health, and there’s no good evidence that there’s any risk to you, you should seek advice from your GP,” AMA president Dr Alan McVeigh said.”[There are] studies showing that women who smoke have lower levels of breast cancers and that exposure to secondhand smoke can reduce the risk.”

So it is not at all surprising that people who have cancer are going to want to know what the real evidence is.”AAP/ABC