Frankie Clothing BLOG A video of a woman’s reaction to a car crash is a viral hit for the company carlise women’swear

A video of a woman’s reaction to a car crash is a viral hit for the company carlise women’swear

CARLISLE, N.Y. — Carolina Herrera was at work when a collision knocked out power to the entire building and knocked out all of her computer systems.

When she woke up the next morning, her house was a mess, and her daughter was injured.

The crash happened when the driver of a car pulled off the side of her building and hit her car.

The damage was estimated to be $7,500.

Carolina, a 30-year-old freelance graphic designer and artist, decided to put up her house and the whole neighborhood to get insurance money so she could fix her damaged car.

She was able to get a new one with the help of her friends.

“It was like the most amazing thing, I had no idea what was going on,” she said.

I could not have been more grateful.

I had my house to myself.

I could not believe how grateful I was for the help, said Herrera.

The car insurance company is calling it the biggest hit they’ve had to deal with in years.

Caroline Herrera says it was like a miracleCarolina has had to replace her car and a few other parts in the past.

Herrera said it was “like a miracle.”

Her house is currently covered under a car insurance policy, but she’s still in the process of getting it repaired and putting it back on the road.

It’s a story that will be shared with people on Facebook.

We will be able to share that story with the whole world.

Carla Herrera says she was so grateful to her insurance company that she could afford to repair the car.

It was her job to fix it.

She said her neighbors and family are also thankful that she was able do it.

“That’s why we did it,” said Herrera, a freelance graphic artist and mom of two young children.

“It’s because I could.”

Herrera and her neighbors are now working on a website called Carolina’s House and a Kickstarter campaign.

They’ve raised over $40,000.

She hopes people will donate to help pay for repairs and to help cover the cost of repairs.

“This is just so amazing to me.

It is a miracle,” Herrera said.

“The community rallied together.

It just blew our minds.”

Her response to the car crash was the perfect way to celebrate.

Herrera says she just can’t wait to share it on Facebook and on her website.